Toilet Paper

I think that the wonderful watch dog groups, that monitor the price of gas, electricity, the telephone, automobiles and all the other necessities of life have really missed the big one. What is more important than toilet paper to a productive day? Maybe because it's a less than one dollar per roll they don't concern themselves with it. But over a lifetime, how bad do they get us?

Now I happen to prefer the value of Scott Brand - it seems to cost about 65 cents a roll. I think that is a rip off. I can buy a hundred sheets of writing paper for that. Doesn't writing paper take more to refine, bleach, cut and hole punch than toilet paper. Also think of the volume difference, I've got to think that there is a much higher demand for toilet paper. Think about how long toilet paper has to last, one use- loose leaf paper has to be much tougher. I think consumer advocates should go after these companies that are reaming us with huge profit margin on a product to wipe our asses.