Evading the Police

While watching one of my favorite shows, I saw a number of moronic criminals recklessly trying to elude police. They risked the lives of many fellow citizens simply because they didn't want to get caught. After the extremely dangerous chase ended, and the suspect was in custody, I realized the problem. There is no downside of this attempted evasion in the criminals mind. It will probably be dropped during the plea bargain, or a lenient judge could have the sentence run concurrently. 

How dare they risk the lives of families and everyday people. 

This will not be a problem in my domain. If a criminal should choose to evade police, and subsequently be captured, the police will be required to beat the ever living shit out of them. Every one has a different name for it. Whip the tar out of them, a good old fashioned ass kicking, bust 'em up, beating. 

Next time maybe these scumbags will think twice about their priorities.