The Front Bumper Theory

by Kyle Tucker

After disagreeing for far to long about what I used to call ridiculous doctrine I finally came to my senses.

Last year I heard the news about the 15-year-old who raped and killed an 11-year-old boy. I also heard about the other kid who killed a child with a shovel, as well as the random slashings by girls, a ritual for the gang the bloods. That's when it came to me. They must be right. It’s as obvious as the nose on my face or the bumper on my car come to think of it.

Wisely guns are well on their way to being totally abolished. Box cutters have been outlawed in this state (NY) for possession by a minor, and I am here to say that shovels should be studied also. It's obvious that all these things can be deadly.

While cruising the net for applicable government studies, I came across some startling data. Did you realize that front bumpers are THE MOST LIKELY THING TO KILL A Pedestrian, if involved in a confrontation with an automobile? In over 90% of the time that a pedestrian OR CHILD IS KILLED by a motor vehicle the front bumper is involved. Why DO WE allow this????

Now I'm focused. Removing automobiles and trucks front bumpers would certainly make this world a better place. I'm sure the government, auto manufacturers, as well as the insurance industry are well aware of these FACTS and they don't do anything. How many more innocent American children will die?

Please support me in my quest to right these wrongs. Society is not to blame. WE ARE NOT THE CAUSE. Just because mothers kill their own babies in a society that supports single mothers is not a sign of a deeper problem. Childless couples are willing to pay thousands of dollars for adopted babies, a fact missed by some young mothers. "I'll wring its neck and get back out for a slow dance" is not such an odd thought. "There's only one prom and tonight is my night."

American society, shaped by TV and family values, is alive and well. The problem is all of the deadly things around. Get rid of these dangerous inanimate objects that cause SO MUCH GRIEF (see the studies and the facts!!!) The world will be a better place.

Please help -----HRM