Irresponsible News Reporting

Irresponsible News Reporting will be high treason in my domain. I hesitate to comment o which media fiasco I am thinking of now. Lets just say I will require that the news media in my Kingdom report in a fair way as to allow all of my subjects unbiased information. 

Please pick any issue you have heard about in the media and apply these thoughts to that story and read between the lines.

Ask yourself, does this story contain enough information to make a decision? How is it worded? I have news for you, the statement "Might cause cancer" is as compelling as "Might not cause cancer." Listen to the story, ask "Why are they reporting this?" An election year might have something to do with it. 

Another important thought: "Is this news, or is this hype to keep me watching?" Let's face it the news media has to sell advertisements. 

Have we reached a point in American society where our thoughts are manufactured for us? Are our causes created for us? What really is important for society? I am afraid to answer.

News people in my domain will ask themselves these questions every day. It will be their jobs to report news, not spin. It is insulting to be presented with misleading tones and inappropriate omissions of fact. The "news stories" that are presented to America nightly would often not earn the author a passing grade any College Journalism course.

  Complex issues are not easy to answer, even for a King. My subjects will be able to think for themselves. Can you?

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