Sprint PCS has no need to satisfy you. They will look you right in the eye and screw you. 

After having problems with the digital service they provide in my area, I finally was fed up and I called to cancel my service. (In that one day the phone wouldn't work the only three times I needed it!)

Even though it was only eight days in my billing cycle and I had used only eight minutes of my available 200 minutes. They still insist I pay $32.79, my normal monthly fee for 200 minutes and thirty days service.

In my opinion that is a terrible way to treat a customer. I will never use any Sprint product or service for fear that they do not guarantee my satisfaction. I recommend you stop using Sprint before you are screwed like I was.

I am not complaining here about the spotty service. I understand the limitations of the science of wireless service. I am complaining about their billing practices and their lack of concern of my experiences. I am sure they make millions by charging Americans for service that they do not provide.