I am e-mailing you because you have failed to reply to
my entry in your guestbook.  Perhaps it is because I
only posted it a few hours ago and I cannot wait to
hear from thee. 
My father, King Colby Blossom, has requested the
presence of you and your court to attend my 18th
birthday celebration to be held in the Rotunda Room
East Wing of the Co-Jack Castle. This will be by
invition only and will be a 12Kegger.  Transportation
home provided by Royal Carriage Rides of Co-Jack
I am counting on you to be there as it will give us a
chance to meet before the wedding.  I warn you not to
refuse my hand, as my father will not take to kindly
to it and you maybe sentenced to death by Royal Venus
Trap. I, the princess, am the Kings only reason to
live since his Queen, my mother, fell into the piranha
filled moat in the Winter of 98 and died a painful
death. (she was drunk again) 
My father will send formal invation to the event by
way of the Royal dragon slayers union.  So please do
not shoot them when they appoach the kingdom. They can
be identified by the red and orange dragons they will
be riding outfitted in golden trimmings. They will be
escorted by 12 Jet black paso fino horses.. a rare
color for this magnificent breed...flying the Co-Jack
County flag high in the air above them.
To learn more about my kingdom e-mail me soon.
princess Apple

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