Virtual Kingdom

This is the beach! Click and drag your cursor to move around!

With the cursor in the frame, the Shift key zooms in, and the Control key zooms out


Wait for this to load (about 1 minute), if there is only a slide bar here, go to Apple from the link at the bottom of this page and move out of the dark ages.

High-Res version

Other Places:

How about a different beach?

Belmont Race Track


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Attention to all regular visitors and strangers alike. Apple's Quicktime3.0 is necessary to view this VR movie. It is only a matter of time before you will need this for many websites. I am encouraging you as a loyal follower to download this new version at your leisure. I have found that after the download begins, it is still possible to browse the web - very slowly perhaps - but you can. The best thing is to download when you finish your browsing activities for the day, saving the file to disk and installing it next time you sit back at the helm. Thanks for the effort.

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