The War on Crime

By definition people die in wars. People are dying as we sit comfortable in our easy chairs. During war, more people die. I have heard tough talk from politicians through the media about the war on crime.

It seems to me only the innocent citizens of this earth are the ones dying in this "war on crime."

I do hereby decree that in this war on crime, the criminals will die. They will die in public on the punishment channel. Death is never pretty. This King will not disappoint His subjects...

Would you give your life for guaranteed peace on earth? I think you would! I think that some of our fathers and brothers and sisters and mothers have given their lives for the betterment of mankind. If my death would guarantee it, I would die tomorrow, and so would you.

Therefore, I do hereby decree, that cruel and unusual crimes will be answered with cruel and unusual deaths. Criminals will die in the new war on crime. They will give their lives for the betterment of mankind. Their suffering will not go unnoticed. (Sunday 6 o'clock PM EST on the Punishment channel)


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