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Date: 01/24/01


you are insane maybe you should be on medication! if you live in america you should know it is a democracy, still i guess even morons must have their petty fun you inadequete fool

I noticed you completed the Ass wipe survey before you left.

PS. I am on Medication.



If you think you are the king e-mail me and i will destroy your web site!
After that I will put it under my domain and control it from my computer! So
if you value your reign you better kill me, otherwise I will kill you.

P.s. I am the head of IM security and you have messed with the wrong person.
I have been assigned to protect the current Queens image and if you think
you are her husband you are NOT. You have insulted her and now if you do not
rectify your actions I will shut you down! Beware!

From Internal Monarchist Securie Cor.

Does your Doctor know you are not taking your medication?

Wow! This person has a strong opinion about His Majesty's thoughts on crime. This is the email:

HELL-o neighbor!  Hope 'your having a BRIGHT and cheery day!

this is an anonymous viewer
whom is amused by the trials of life, and is still barring the grudge of

Please don't be entangled in the web that spun you, remember freedom is your

Your free to love the world your so much a part of;
free to learn from the flounders of others;
free to judge for yourself the surroundings around you, and use your findings
to your personal advantage;
free to strait out ignore others "bullshit";

But I get concerned when others infringe upon the freedom of others.
By suggesting that we "descend" (I use the term loOsely) into the past, the
17th to 19th century, for punishment
tips, well I find that rather appalling.

After all, it took GOD decades to decide whether or not to destroy Gamora;
true that's a whole town, and your concentrating on individuals;
but its also GOD,
mulling over the insurmountable evidence of their blatant apathy for the
caring law god so graciously gave us for free.

You would like to take the ALLEGED offender out back for some good ol' 18th
century law and order.
No trial, No court, No testimony, NOT EVEN A WITNESS from the PROSECUTING

Your suggesting we kill at every accusation "YOU" or anybody in you "kingdom"
finds disgusting.
Kingdoms were not pleasant places for anybody but the royal family and the
"privileged" few whom were hired to
serve them.

You are not a king, we are not living in the past, and you kind of "justice"
results in witch hunts.
You take pleasure in the mutilation of others.
And you found an angle to make it sound "sain."

I had a stepdad like you, and he beat me over the back if I poured the
concrete to hold his fence posts the wrong way.
I won't mention what kind of justice came to me for more serious offences.

I'm not GOD, I wont hate you, I won't pity you, I wont help you.
I will leave you standing cold and alone in the tracks you lay for yourself.

may the winds of time erode you peacefully, and this be the worst windburn.

King's Response:

Clearly, much of my message has eluded you. You will notice that there is no mention of capital punishment for the offence of improperly poured concrete, though one could be arranged. Specifically I mention Unspeakable crimes, the kind of crime that require society to react harshly. Personally I feel that we don't react harshly enough. Certainly there are  enough good people on this earth, where we don't have to worry about the bad ones. Anyone guilty of such unspeakables should be dealt with viciously and swiftly. I have no use for these animals. Kill them all, and let God sort them out.

Anyone falsely accused and killed will be cared for by God. Surely He will save a high place for them in heaven, being omnipotent and all.